Who are we?

Fred van Beugen, de motor achter Nr. 5

The "engine" behind Nr. 5 is Fred van Beugen. With over 25 years experience in Engineering, HR, Recruitment, Management, International Imports and Sales, Project Management he is a specialist in various fields and an "old" rotten in the technical world.

After having worked for many years in management and advisory positions in companies he decided to go independent. The philosophy behind Nr. 5 is to do things with passion and knowledge. Only in that way you deliver the needed quality and is success the greatest.

If the knowledge is not in-house Nr. 5 works, in close cooperation with an extensive network of specialists in various disciplines. In this way, we have a very extensive market knowledge, a good network, good planning and solution-oriented thinking in both a team and independently.

© 2021  Nr.5 biedt een compleet pakket aan diensten op het gebied van HRM, Interim Management en Sales voor met name technisch georiënteerde bedrijven